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Bioequivalence is the certification that guarantees that generic medicines that are marketed have the same quality, efficacy and safety as the original medicine in its clinical behavior.
This means that the amount and the speed with which the active ingredient reaches the bloodstream is the same in comparative terms and, therefore, can be expected to produce the same effect in the desired treatment in the patient.< /h5>

List of products that have bioequivalence and that you can consult their documentation:

Amoxicilina 500mg
Amoxicilina 875 mg + Acido Clavulánico 125 mg
Ciprofloxacina 500 mg
Escitalopram 10mg
Escitalopram 20mg
Gabapentina 300mg
Atorvastatina 20mg
Atorvastatina 40mg
Candesartán 32mg
Carbidopa 200mg/Levodopa 50mg
Clopidogrel 75mg
Duloxetina 60mg
Irbesartán 150mg – 150mg/12.5mg
Irbesartán 300mg – 300mg/12.5mg
Levotiroxina 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 mcg
Losartan 50mg – 50mg/12.5mg
Losartan 100mg - 100mg/12.5 mg
Metformina 500mg - 850mg
Montelukast 4mg – 5mg
Olmesartán 20mg – 40mg
Olmesartán 20mg/12.5mg
Olmesartán 40mg/12.5mg – 40mg/25mg
Pregabalina 150mg – 75mg
Tamsulosina 0.4mg
Telmisartán 80mg
Valsartán 80mg/12.5mg
Valsartán 160mg – 160mg/12.5mg
Valsartán 320mg – 320mg/12.5- 320mg/25mg

Carvedilol 25mg
Sitagliptina 50mg/Metformina 1000mg
Fluoxetina 20mg
Isotretinoina 10mg – 20mg