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About generic drugs

What is a generic drug?
When and why do generic drugs arise?
How do I know if a drug is generic or is original?
Are generic drugs safe?
Are generics taking longer to perceive their therapeutic effect?
Why do generics cost less?
Do generics have good quality standards?
My doctor tells me that if I buy generics ask if they are bioequivalent. What is bioequivalence? Are ADIUVO products bioequivalent?
What are the excipients?
Why are excipients different in some generics?
Can these excipients give allergy?

About Adiuvo

What does ADIUVO mean?
Are ADIUVO products registered and authorized in the country?
Why should I use ADIUVO drugs instead of brand name drugs?
In case of question about the consumption of an ADIUVO product or a specific question, where can I communicate?
Where are the ADIUVO products manufactured?
How do you know that the laboratories where ADIUVO is produced are good?
How do you ensure the quality of ADIUVO products for sale?
How can I find out if ADIUVO has a medication available in my country?
Where can I buy ADIUVO?
What do the letters MR, XR, SR, etc. mean? That appear in some ADIUVO products?
Why are some ADIUVO products sold outside of Drug store?